Wednesday, March 18, 2009

15 things to do in India (in no specific order):

1.    Not worry about checking weather every morning.
2.    Sit in front seat of car and not wear seat belt.
3.    Ride scooty all around the city.
4.    Wear sandals, slippers… anything but my reebok sneakers.
5.    Go shopping on fourth block roadside and get stuff for Rs.5.
6.    Paneer roll, paneer fried rice, paneer makhni, paneer paneer paneer.
7.    Suma coffee powder with chikori.
8.    Walk Tucker five times a day.
9.    Temples.
10.  See cows, pigs, horses, dogs, cats on the streets.
11.  Chats!
12.  Talk on the phone for hours with Jan and Dummi about nothing.
13.  Not wear a million layers of clothing!
14.  Not let Tucker out of sight.
15.  Watch random trash shows on TV.


Anonymous said...

interesting mix of dreams and reality...walking tucker 5 times (dream), temples (dream) get the idea....

drummer_man said...

Hey Ash! Great blog- which uncle suggested it? I think it's a great idea. So when are you coming to LA, anyway??

Ashwini said...
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jbhushan said...

phone calls?? thats it..che.. and u forgot comm street.. :)

Raghu Sethuram said...

add to the list boasting to everyone how hard you worked this sem :) how easy the courses are here :) how nice you cook food :) how your phone bills are!! lol!!!! hahahahahahaha

Ashwini said...


It was Suri and Prakash mama.

Ashwini said...


You're right. The reason I said phone is because I am going to be in Chennai.

Ashwini said...


You're right about everything. Except the easy courses. They are anything BUT easy! Also about me working hard.

Divya said...

How about learning some new dishes?????